At Cockatoo Creek Timbers we use a vintage French Bandsaw powered by a modern motor to produce the highest quality boards and slabs


Bandsaws are acknowledged to be the best tool for producing quality timber with minimum waste. They are designed to produce high quality slabs and boards from whole logs. The narrow kerf of the blade means we get around half the wastage of a circular saw mill, so we get more boards and slabs, and less sawdust.

With our exceptional saw blades, provided by Bill Lambert of Melbourne, we can produce the finest wide slabs on our horizontal bandsaw. The fine kerf of the blade minimises wastage and maximises timber recovery.

Additionally a modern Laguna 18 inch vertical bandsaw is used for resaw work: producing exceptional thick veneers, turning blanks and resawing seasoned boards to the customers specifications. Furniture makers, luthiers and woodturners are among our clientele.

Great timber mill with a huge selection of local timbers. So much to choose from. The owner Brendan is a lovely local fellow who shares a passion for fine timber and craft. 5 stars!
— Andrew Stevenson